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Ben Shaw

Hi there! I’m Ben and my trail name is Flapjack Daniels. It stems from my love of making pancakes while on the trail and from my other love/problem with a certain Tennessee sour mash.

I graduated from the University of Cincinnati a few years ago and work as a mechanical engineer while spending my spare time here at RRT. With what time is left I travel all over the US and hopefully the world soon.

I travel A LOT and I love to talk to people about trips and planning their next adventure. So, if you’re ever in the shop and have a question, feel free to strike  up a conversation.


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What trips are you currently day dreaming about?

Includes but is not limited to: backpacking in Nepal, Iceland and/or New Zealand, climbing volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest and packrafting the Wind River Traverse.

Is there a trip that you are planning to do next?

I plan to hike the Pacific Crest Trail, a 2,653 mile route from Mexico to Canada start on May 11th with fellow RRTier Will “Leapfrog” Babb.  We plan to take 4-1/2 months to complete the trek (accepting resupply box gifts…).

What was the last trip you took?

Back in October I packrafted the Na Pali Coast and explored the beautiful island of Kauai.  I spent 5 days on the north coast and 4 more days exploring other rivers and areas of the island.

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