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Staff Gear Favorites: Part 2

Your favorite piece of gear can be like a good friend. You might only see it a few times each year, but it can feel like no time has passed. RRT’s staff has many gear favorites; here are some pieces in particular that have won our affection year after year.

Emma – Tera Kaia – Toura High Cut Top

My Toura top from Tera Kaia has easily become one of my favorite pieces of gear since my first The Tera Kaia Toura top is great for climbing and active use. It will soon be a favorite piece of gear for you on any adventure.purchase last year. It’s great for climbing, backpacking, and swimming. It has practically replaced regular bras for me on a daily basis. It gets bonus points for being designed and produced by a small, women-owned business!

Dillan – MSR – Pocket Rocket Deluxe

Let me tell you about the greatest piece of gear you’ve ever seen: the MSR Pocket Rocket Deluxe! Weighing in at only 2.9 ounces, this ultralight stove will change your life. This stove is essential to any life in the backcountry by providing a source of heat to boil water and cook food. This stove is one of my favorites. For one, it’s simple to use; screw it on any isobutane canister, open it up, press the ignitor, and bam, you’ve got 10,400 BTUs ready to use. Another reason it’s great is how small and packable it is; this stove can easily be stored in a pot with some fuel and takes up practically no space in your pack. The last reason this is my favorite piece of gear is the wealth of possibilities it offers. With this stove you can cook anything your heart desires, from bacon and grilled cheese to Mountain House and instant potatoes. This stove turns the wilderness into your private kitchen. It’s one of my favorites and I believe it’ll be one of yours as well.


The Kula Cloth is an essential item for any adventure into the backcountry and is Colleen's gear favorite.

ColleenKula Cloth

The Kula Cloth is the female hiker’s new best friend. If you have ever hiked with wet underwear or a nice, pungent urine smell about you like you’re walking down the streets of New York City but you’re actually in nature, then the Kula Cloth is your girl. I love that it is super easy to clean, antimicrobial, cute, and most of all that it is super functional. I can’t ever go hiking or backpacking again without it.

Sean – Rab – Khroma Kharve

The piece of gear I cannot go without is my Khroma Kharve jacket. Rab’s Khroma Kharve is a packable synthetic coat that is warm but not hot. I have used it as a standalone piece walking through the city and as an outer layer relaxing at the camp site before bed. It has a Gore-Tex Infinium fabric and a DWR coating that make it water repellent. Though it’s not advertised as waterproof, it has a waterproof front zipper and a bill on the hood. I have used it in a downpour and did not get a drop of water on me. With well-sized pockets on the outside and massive gear pockets on the inside, it holds everything I want it to. The final reason I love this jacket is its double zippers. Last November I went climbing at Red River Gorge and it was in the low 40s. My friends were cold, but since I had a jacket with double zippers, I was able to keep my jacket on while belaying. If you want a durable, water repellent, warm, and versatile jacket, get the Khroma Kharve.

The Astral Loyak is a staff favorite for slippery rocks and even just around town

Emily – Astral – Loyak

It was 2016 when I first met the Astral Loyak. I was instantly attracted to its minimal design that would flatter my larger than average size 9.5 feet. For years I struggled with bulky sandals or the unflattering amorphous water sock, but the Loyak was neither of those things. I had never met the perfect kayaking shoe. The Loyak gave me the flexibility I needed to squeeze my tootsies into the narrow bow of a kayak and the support and style to don them around town. They’ve also become my go-to water and camp shoes for backpacking trips. They’re lightweight, dry quickly, and have a razor-siped bottom for extra grip on wet rocks and riverbeds.



These gear favorites have pleased our staff for years of adventures. Odds are, they’ll soon become your favorite too.

You can look forward to more amazing gear selections from our staff in Part 3 of this series.

Rentals: A Gateway to Adventure

by: Bryan Wolf

Summer is almost here and the last thing you want to hear about is all of your friends taking sweet trips to the mountains. It’s not that you don’t want to go, it’s just that you haven’t even been before and where would you even start? You’ve heard their stories about buying the coolest new gear (hopefully at RRT) and can’t imagine how much you’d have to spend to go with them. These are normal everyday concerns for an adventure hopeful.

No more excuses! Rentals are at RRT:

RRT’s new gear rental program gives opportunity to the new adventure seeker. With RRT’s professional gear guidance and rental service you can be side by side with seasoned thrill seekers and look like the pro of the group. We now rent gear from top name brands like MSR, Black Diamond, Thermarest, Osprey, Sea To Summit, and Sierra Designs. So now for very affordable pricing you can get the gear you need for a trip and trust that you have some of the best brands on trail. But our service does not stop there. The RRT staff won’t send you out the door, hands full and clueless. Every time you rent (or buy) from us you can get a full run down of product features, use, care, and personalized fittings.

By the time you head out of town you’ll be confident and ready! So what are you waiting for? Rental gear availability and pricing can be found here: Gear Rentals

Why do we rent gear?

The outdoors provide an essential element to all of our lives and should be as accessible and inclusive as possible. We’ve seen nature heal wounds, save lives, blossom personalities, give purpose and passion, grow confidence, and strengthen bonds. There is very little that time with nature can’t accomplish and for that reason we know that its impact should be as proliferate as possible. Time spent outside is time well spent.

Who can rent our gear?

Our rentals are ready for the first timer or the seasoned adventurer. Let’s say you are heading out for a group overnight at your local state park. You need a tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bag for the night. To buy all of the items new can be hundreds of dollars. You think about going to the superstore for a cheap option but you’ll still spend $100 and chances are you’ll wake up cold and wet. As you retreat to the car for the night you’ll have visions of throwing away your new “gear” in a fit of rage. Haha, alright, hopefully this is worst case but why risk it?

The price of all three items for your overnight is only $54. You’ll be dry and cozy all night saving you a trip to the chiropractor in the morning. But we haven’t even mentioned the best part! When you return your rented gear you’ll have the option to apply half of your rental fee to the purchase of new gear. We’ll apply that portion of your rental directly to a new item purchase.

Do you just rent Camping and Backpacking Gear?

Heck no! We are growing our rental fleet to help you get outside in more way than one. Have an extra boat but forgot about a busted paddle? We’ll rent life jackets and paddles too! Hitting the road on a National Park tour; we’ll rent cargo boxes and in some cases car racks to give you extra room! Check out the full list of options and see for yourself!

Check out all of the rentals here.


RRT Tent Series

Roads, Rivers and Trails is going to be putting together an extensive video library of the products in our stores. This is our tent series, which will be showcasing our tent selection for you! Our video library consists of specifications for each tent including various weights, space availability and how they look set up.

The video series will take the form of playlists on YouTube. So if you wish to view a specific tent, click the YouTube icon in the bottom right of the video screen and scroll through the videos on the playlist. Of course, if you’d like to watch the whole series at once, we certainly won’t hold that against you!