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Camping and Education Foundation

The Camping and Education Foundation

The Camping and Education Foundation was one of RRT’s first community partners. The Foundation would hold occasional meetings in RRT’s lounge and have RRT owner Emily sit in for feedback. The relationship grew and so did RRT’s involvement with the Foundation, from silent auction donations to working directly with the kids.

The Foundation started to work with local schools like Gamble Montessori along with attendees of Stepping Stones to provide an educational outdoor experience. This experience would include a canoe trip along the Ohio River provided by The Wilderness Inquiry as well as educational stations at city parks along the way. From 2012 to 2014, RRT store owner Bryan would dedicate a week to volunteering with the students in this program. Bryan would set up tents, show them how to purify water using a pump, cook using a backpacker’s stove, and of course he would bring dehydrated meals and ice cream bars for the kids to try afterward. The lesson often ended with each child taking a swing in the hammock.

This has been one of the most rewarding things that I’ve done through RRT” recalls Bryan. “It is amazing to see their excitement to simply crawl into a tent”. It is this kind of experience that drives RRT. Roads Rivers and Trails looks forward to future activities and events that the Foundation holds and to being a lifelong partner. For more information on the Camping and Education Foundation please visit the link below:

Camping and Education Foundation

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Community Press “Milford Senior, Co-worker Head for Adventure”

Published March 14, 2012
Written by: Tom Skeen

“Milford High School senior Vincent White and co-worker Kara Lorenz soon will embark on a one-of-a-kind adventure.

The two – who work at Roads Rivers and Trails in Milford – will attempt to be the first people to stand-up paddle board the entire length of the Little Miami River.

“As soon as I heard the idea, it stuck in my mind,” White said. “Instead of putting ideas in the back of my mind, I just do it. I don’t think about all the preparation I’m going to have to worry about or how much it will cost or the variables involved. I just go with it.” …”

You can read this article in it’s entirety at:
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