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Friends of Red River Gorge

The more we personally visit the Red, the more in love with it we become. This place captivates all of its visitors, both hiker and climber alike. We all enjoy the break from the city, where the skies shine bright with stars, the wind and rain have been allowed to carve the landscape, and the true beauty of nature surrounds you. For the adventure seeker it is often the first place we point out for your next weekend jaunt and for the climber it is where to find world class climbing at all levels. The gorge is unique and breathtaking. It is also precious, delicate, and sometimes dangerous.

It is important to educate the people who want to enjoy these areas and to work our best to provide safe, reliable, and sustainable solutions to our outdoor recreation. That is why RRT makes a strong effort to support not for profit initiatives in the Red River Gorge. From 2018-2020 we worked with the Climbers’ Coalition. In July of 2018 RRT hosted their first in-store fundraiser for the coalition, bringing local craft beer, an awesome raffle from Rab and Black Diamond, and a coalition update all together to raise almost $700 year one!

RRT has been a member of the RRGCC since 2015. We have supported the coalition with our sponsorship, attendance, and promotion of their annual Rocktoberfest fundraiser inprevious years. We also designed and created a series of shirts, hats and stickers that celebrate the Red but also have a portion of proceeds that contributed to the RRGCC from 2015-2019.

Our fundraising efforts and sponsorship totaled over $7,000 in contributions. If you want to learn more about the RRGCC or their Rocktoberfest festival (which is amazing!) please click the link below:

Red River Gorge Climbers’ Coalition

Today our partnership with a safe and protected RRG continues as we support Friends of Red River Gorge (FoRRG). From liter clean-ups, tree planting, awareness events and public engagement events to education, the FoRRG is heavily involved in preserving and protecting the Red. To learn more visit them below:

Friends of Red River Gorge

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