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Cincinnati Nature Center

What can we say about this place except that we are extremely lucky to have the Cincinnati Nature Center in our city! Over and over again, CNC has led not just our region but the entire country in standards for trails, kids programs, play areas, and events.

This has been our stomping ground for trail hikes, nature photography, and conditioning before trips for years now. We LOVE the Cincinnati Nature Center! When inspired by such a place, we feel the calling to give back. Beyond our personal memberships, we have been corporate members of the CNC since 2011 and part of their membership perks program since it began in 2014. This program offers a 10% discount at participating sponsors, including RRT, when you buy a yearly membership. We have been proud sponsors of Hoots and Hops since its inception in 2013, Back to Nature Fundraising donors and attendees since 2012, and Trail Building Volunteer organizers since 2013.

While being members and corporate members, we assure that we are doing our part to help the nature center thrive, while ensuring that we have access to pristine trails and invites to super creative and fun events. Back to Nature is one of these events. This is the premier fundraising event for the CNC, which is why we both attend and donate to the silent auction, offering anything from kayak expeditions to hiking gear packages.

Lending our time to make other CNC events like Hoots and Hops special is what makes RRT unique. This is an amazing event with local food and craft brews. What goes better with that combo than a lounge area amongst the trees? RRT brings hammocks and hanging lounge chairs to let guests just “hang out” between activities. Claiming that hanging out with nature lovers and drinking beer with them is stewardship is kind of cutting it close, though. We’ve started to organize backpacking workshops along with group hikes at the nature center to raise awareness, membership, and education for the outdoors. The goal is to make this great organization the best that it can be! Join us for a hike and complete your “Hike For Your Health Passport” with RRT and CNC co-led hikes.

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RRT is most proud of their leadership in hosting trail building and maintenance volunteer events multiple times each year. We’ve helped cut honeysuckle, correct drainage patterns, fix trail erosion, and strengthen worn trails all while learning proper techniques from a naturalist. The work seems more like play, the people that come out are amazing, and everyone is filled with the satisfaction of volunteering for a cause. If you can make one of our trail building days, I strongly encourage it!

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Cincinnati Nature Center

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