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The Makings of a Trip

November 19, 2019 / Brandon Behymer / RRT Adventures, Uncategorized

A guy you met at the bar last night invited you to go skiing tomorrow? Do it! The weather forecast changed and now the climb you wanted to do turned into a day bumming around town? Meet people, make friends, see where the locals go when the weather turns. Woke up in a bathroom in Shanghai with a splitting headache, miss-matched shoes and a sweet new neck tat’? First of all lay off the shrooms, and secondly, you’re in Bangkok. Whoops.

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Rentals: A Gateway to Adventure

May 1, 2019 / Bryan Wolf / Uncategorized

RRT’s new gear rental program gives opportunity to the new adventure seeker. With RRT’s professional gear guidance and rental service you can be side by side with seasoned thrill seekers and look like the pro of the group. We now rent gear from top name brands like MSR, Black Diamond, Thermarest, Osprey, Sea To Summit, and Sierra Designs.

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5 Reasons To: Send Your Kids Away to Camp

January 22, 2019 / Bryan Wolf / Uncategorized

You shouldn’t have to challenge your kid to play sixty minutes a day you should try to get them to sit down for only sixty minutes a day. I would have never had the tools and mindset to complete the entire Appalachian Trail without these experiences.

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Answer the Call: Recycle Your Cell Phone to Save Species!

January 7, 2019 / Bryan Wolf / Community Involvement, Uncategorized

Did you know that when carrying a phone in your pocket, you’re also carrying a piece of gorilla habitat? Cell phones contain an ore in them called coltan, which is mined in endangered gorilla habitat in Africa.

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RRT Christmas Wish-list

December 7, 2018 / Ben Shaw / Gear Reviews, Uncategorized

Ho Ho Ho and Merry Christmas to all of you adventure seekers, world travelers, friends and family of RRT, and everyone else out there.  Every Christmas these fine folks down at RRT send me their Christmas Wishlist and I can’t help but get giddy over all the gear they’re hoping to get.  I can’t get them everything on the list, but I can at least clue you in to some of the things that they want.  Who knows, it might give you an idea of what to ask me for yourself…

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Dehydrated Food Reviews

November 19, 2018 / Ben Shaw / Backpacking Prep, Uncategorized

On a recent trip to the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota I tried a slew of different dehydrated meals and brands trying to break down which I thought were best and why.  We can all agree to disagree but here are my thoughts and rankings on the following brands and meals:

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Bedrock Sandal Reviews

October 8, 2018 / Brandon Behymer / Gear Reviews, Uncategorized

Tired of big clunky footwear? Want something that is lightweight and extremely breathable but holds up to the wear and tear of many miles on the trail?  Check out the Bedrock sandal.  The company is based out of Richmond, California and the sandals are made to order.  Yes, that’s right.  The sandal you order today takes 2 to 5 days to produce depending on how busy they are.  The company was started as a Kickstarter campaign in 2011 and has grown slowly over the past 6 years.  Bedrock is also a proud supporter of the 1% for the Planet program.

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Wild Spaces and Their Impact on our Economy

May 12, 2018 / Bryan Wolf / Uncategorized

Thanks to H.R. 4665 passed in late 2016, the United States will now count the outdoor recreation industry as part of the national Gross Domestic Product, and there-in valued by economists.

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RRT Holiday Wish List

December 5, 2017 / Bryan Wolf / Uncategorized

‘Tis the season for holiday celebrations and gift giving. That second part can always be hard, especially with those holidays approaching rapidly. Here at Roads Rivers and Trails, we want to make it a little bit easier for you. What do you get someone that has everything? We decided to discuss this with our staff to spark ideas for you and yours! This is what we came up with:

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