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The Appalachian Trail teaches many lessons which are applicable well beyond the trail.

From Goatman to Fathermule: 5 Lessons from the Appalachian Trail for (New) Dads

June 18, 2022 / Craig Buckley / Appalachian Trail, Outdoor Education

Join me as we explore how my experiences on long distance hikes have prepared me for the journey of fatherhood.

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GORE-TEX, PFCs, and Pollution: Harmful Chemicals In Outdoor Gear

April 24, 2022 / Will Babb / Gear Guide, Outdoor Education

Rain jackets, boots, gloves, and other equipment made using high-performing GORE-TEX waterproofing have historically contained PFAS and PFOS. For those, like me, that aren’t chemically literate, this essentially means that waterproof materials are made with harmful chemicals.

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Marble Mountain Wilderness in Northern California

Thoughts on Wilderness: Protecting a Sanctuary

April 6, 2022 / Will Babb / Outdoor Education

Wilderness, the word itself is music. Edward Abbey states more eloquently than I our feelings about wilderness, a sanctuary that beckons me relentlessly. But what is wilderness? 

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Backcountry permits are required for camping in many national parks.

A Reason for Regulation: The Science Behind Backcountry Permits

February 7, 2022 / Will Babb / Backpacking, Climbing, Outdoor Education, Watersports

The outdoors is regrettably full of barriers to entry: far-away destinations, expensive equipment, learning barriers, and, frustratingly, permits. We’ve all run into the permit barrier, forced to waylay plans as we become tangled in red tape. As the popularity of outdoor recreation increases, so too does the impact on the forests, waterways, and peaks we […]

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8 Tips for Beginner Climbers

February 1, 2022 / Sean Masterson / Climbing, Outdoor Education

With the addition of rock climbing to the Olympic Games, the sport has exploded in popularity. Here are 8 tips for beginner climbers as you discover the possibilities of the sport. 1. Go to your local climbing gym If you live in Cincinnati, you have tons of climbing gyms nearby. The area’s great gyms include […]

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Exploring the Krummholz

January 13, 2022 / Will Babb / Outdoor Education, RRT Outdoor Adventures

The alpine zone is a magical place. The region above the treeline, whether by latitude or altitude, is a delicate dance of life spurred by abundant sunshine and haunted by howling winds. Known as the krummholz zone, the alpine is its own ecosystem, clawing and fighting for a firm hold of survival. It’s impossible not […]

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A Brief Discussion on Wilderness Medicine

August 8, 2021 / Brandon Behymer / Backpacking, Outdoor Education

In a wilderness setting definitive care is over an hour away, anyone with thumbs can provide some level of care, and you may be your sole provider. Chances are that there will be limited resources and an extended amount of time to endure on your way to the trailhead, ambulance, or emergency department depending on the severity of the illness or injury.

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Outdoors for All

July 6, 2020 / Bryan Wolf / Community Involvement, Outdoor Education

While there have been amazing strides to making the outdoors more inclusive, there is also a horrific past that delays progress. The following quotes and linked resources summarize this sentiment. There are plenty of people that have already said it better than I, so I will let their voice speak louder than mine. Please read through some of our country’s history below as it pertains to racism and other discrimination in the outdoors. I will then provide further links that outline where we go from here. Finally, I’ve provided info below for how you can make a very direct and immediate impact in your community. It is our goal that we all walk away with a better understanding of the problem and how to move forward.

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Top Resources for Getting You Outside

July 1, 2019 / Ben Shaw / Backpacking, Outdoor Education

If you’ve ever been in the shop and asked one of us for help when planning a trip, we’ve most likely pulled up some website or resource that you might not have been previously familiar with.  After years of planning trips and adventuring around you tend to start collecting these resources, but I understand they can be hard to find at first, especially for those who aren’t research oriented.  My goal here is to throw out some of my top resources for getting you outside and trip planning.  The resources that will help for a specific trip are going to vary wildly, but the ones I’m going to cover will hopefully span a vast amount destinations and trip types.

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Gear Repair

January 30, 2019 / Brandon Behymer / Backpacking, Gear Guide, Outdoor Education

The most important part of gear repair isn’t the gear itself, it’s you. Yes, even through all the ups and downs, cursing, and joy that you and your gear share, at the end of the day the gear is selfish. You invest all this money in it, the least it could do is dry itself out and quietly make its way to a cool (50-70 degree), dry closet and hang itself up, patiently awaiting the next opportunity to carry your means of survival.

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